handset simple......nokia 6030.....

N-gage tinggal kenangan......kali ni aku bersama ngan nokia 6030 yg nampak lebih simple, kecik pastu dengan keypad yg besar.....sesuai untuk org2 yg simple cam haku.........ade radio, boleh mesej, boleh call, ade GPRS.....dah cukup...bak kater tok wan...rege pun murah,kire berpatutan la...aku beli pun RM225 je first hand kat kedai simpang empat parit raja nun. ni komen serba sikit oleh pengguna2.....

I have had this phone since winter 2005. It's a very reliable phone. Dropped it at least 50 times on cement, down 15 flights of stairs, and other places. This phone is worth every penny.

i m usimg it from this phone is asome for call mesages & for genrela use best phone of low price. weldone nokia i m waiting for special one by nokia 6500 classic.

Nokia Modders:
I recently modded my nokia 6030, installing a camera, yes. A camera. It works perfectly, taking about 5 minutes of video and 1.3 Megapixel photos. E-mail me @ rd12i@yahoo.com for pics and details on how to get yourself one.

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